Written in the Stars

Hello everyone and WELCOME to Shooting Star Universe! This is the epicenter of my internet life. The heart where you can find anything and everything I do online and MORE. This first post is being uploaded a few days after the big announcement live stream I did on my Dark Avenger YouTube channel. So all stuff I talk about here spoiler warning, I’m going to be talking about the future for the Shooting Star Universe site as well as the origin of the shooting star. So definitely if you can check out the live stream my brother and I did on July first where we and everyone got hype for what’s coming starting…right now!

Originally I created the brand name “Shooting Star Press” as a “if I ever opened my own comic company, which will never happen”. The name was more of a joke I tossed around as a comic universe name, as you all know Celestial’s Universe/the hero-verse for LEP is 529 Studios. I did pitch the title shooting star press but there were several things wrong with the brand. First there already was a website called that, a wrestling one. The site is no longer around, but still we needed something fresh for the imprint. Secondly there was a wrestling move called the “shooting star press”, which didn’t help the title either. At the beginning of this year change was in the air for me already. I knew that after my 500th review a huge change needed to happen.

The first thing that I knew I wanted to get back into was writing! Not just comics and/or stories but writing. Before my YouTube years I was a huge blogger about EVERYTHING. I wanted to go back to my roots a bit, but still keep as much of my present day work as possible. The first question I asked myself was “well where am I going to put my writing”? Of course blogger was the first idea that hit me, but then I also knew with all the other stuff I had going on across the board I needed something more than just a blogger channel. I needed a place where I could put all my stuff, I needed an official website for my personal brand.

So once again the title “Shooting Star Press” came to my mind, but I already knew I couldn’t use that title for multiple reasons. So I  thought about the title, obviously the most important part was “shooting star”. I then said well what could I replace “press” with. Honestly it almost came to me immediately. I knew what I was trying to create was a universe, so the title fell right into my lap “Shooting Star Universe”. That would be MY brand, which would be my universe where you could find everything I was doing and more.

I’m sure your wondering “so what exactly can I expect to see here”. Before I get into the site exclusive stuff I’ll briefly talk about the stuff I’m bringing in from other places. First there are my two YouTube channels my main channel (Chris DiBuduo) as well as my comic channel (DarkAvengerC86). My main YouTube channel is a mix of many things; vlogging, unboxings, opening, randoms videos, skits, etc. My comic channel, which has just gone through a huge change, focuses mainly on the comics I’m reading currently, some extra videos here and there, and a live show once a week that I started way back when live shows first started on YouTube.

I will also be posting anything I do for my group channels: BrooklynBoyz13, WhatTheCard, and ComicFrontline. BrooklynBoyz13 my first ever channel on youtube and like my main channel it is an “everything and anything” channel. WhatTheCard is a channel myself, my brother, and a few of our friends started to share some TCG (Trading Card Game) packs/boxes/etc on. Comic Frontline is a comic book group site I co-founded with my close friends. We do a live show every Tuesday night where we talk about current news in the comic and media world and talk about out top 5 comics of the week.

I have a twitch channel which I stream to a few times a week (DarkAvengerGaming). Gaming is definitely a corner stone in my life. Growing up I always keep up with the current day consoles and games. I enjoy streaming new and old games and chatting with people as I play through them. I play all different types of games, there are very few games I don’t like. There are also all my social media activities which are shared at the bottom of the site. Coming soon also at the bottom of the site will be a column for all my 529Studios.com posts, when that website goes live. I will be sharing some posts about Celestial and 529 Studios here until the site is ready. So there’s a lot across the board going on.

Now the fun exclusive stuff you can only fine right here on Shooting Star Universe. Most, if not all of the content exclusive to Shooting Star Universe will be writing (for now). Later on down the road who knows what else could and may be added. My writing very much like all the other content I do online will be a variety of things. You can expect: Blogs (life, events, thoughts, rants, etc), Writing (Original Stories, Thinking out load about stories I’m working on,  character bios, story ideas, teaser scripts, excerpts from scripts/stories, work on story plots, and much more), and much more. I’ve always love writing whether it be things going on in my life or sharing my thoughts on anything. Now that I’ve taken up writing beyond just a hobby I have even more to write and talk about. So I can definitely say a lot of writing is coming. When 529 Studios does go live the only post that will be moving to that site will be Celestial and 529 studios related subjects, but again like I said before it will still be on a column at the bottom of the site.

There are a few things however you can expect NOT to see on this site. Two subjects I don’t talk about which are religion and politics. Religion I respect all religions and I’ll never preach mine to any of you. Politics to me are just BORING, I never could get into it. I’m well aware of the goings on in the world as I try to keep up to date with current events. Still the political side of life just isn’t something I care to neither get into nor be a part of. That being said I expect anyone that comes on this site or joins our community to do the same (please). One thing I take pride in is the open and amazing community of viewers, readers, and friends I’ve made from all parts of the world. I’m honored to be a part of such a warm and welcoming community, which is why if any hate or negativity were to find its way in it would be immediately taken out forever.

I’m really excited and hope all of you are too. This is the beginning to a new adventure for me as I continue my journey in life. I truly hope all of you will join me on this new adventure into the stars and beyond. Together we’ll forge one amazing story together. This was a pretty long post so I will end it here for now. Look forward to a lot more soon. Until then take care everyone, and see you in the next one.