Thunder or Warrior?

So I’ve been very excited about this project. As a lot of you already know Celestial Falcon is not the only story I’ve written over the years. I’ve dabbled in many different genres, tested out lots of different stories. Some were really good…others I’d rather not remember. I’m going to be talking a lot about writing on this channel from concepts, and beyond.

Today I reach out to all of you because I have two series I’m looking at right now. Both I truly enjoy writing, but they are completely different from one another. These stories will be exclusive to the site and yes these will be full (parted) chaptered stories for all of you to read. The writing however will be in my unique style, which I’ve been told looks like a hybrid screenplay format. Now before you vote let me share with you a synopsis of the two stories I’m trying to decide between.


Thunder Wolf:

A young man by the name of Jake loses his family and village to a group of bandits allied to the Dark Order. The Dark Order is an evil alliance with many factions hell bent on bringing chaos and darkness to the world. Luckily a member of the Outsiders was there as well. The Outsiders are an alliance formed to bring peace and light into the world…as well as an end to the Dark Order. All alone he is taken in and trained by the Outsiders. Jake would grow to become a great hero known as Thunder Wolf, one of the greatest outsiders and deadliest enemies of the Dark Order. This is his journey, these are his adventures! Darkness beware, if you ever hear a thunderous howl, know that the swift sword of justice is coming for you.

This story has a very D&D feel. There are monsters, orcs, trolls, mystical creatures, supernatural, and Dragons…maybe? (I haven’t decided yet). This is NOT Earth in the past, this is a whole other planet (Kiria). The first several chapters will be the origin and first steps Jake takes to becoming the great hero the world knows his as “Thunder Wolf”. With this series I did a lot of planning out, but barely even have the first chapter written. So from the first chapter as we get close to the middle it will be all new and fresh writing. Fun fact I got a lot of my inspiration from several animes and D&D stories I saw back when I was a kid that lead me to creating Thunder Wolf. Also Kiria miiiiight be in the 529U. I’m not going to say yes or no at this time, but again this is not Earth after all.


This series I always planned as an ongoing so there will always be a new adventure. This is series I would rate as a Teen book, there is a lot of fighting and while there are some moments I think I feel may push the envelope for the most part this is your average adventure story. The reason this series first chapter is still not done is because I was not at all happy with the first version of this chapter so I stopped and redid it again with massive changes. Unfortunately I started this story as college started getting super busy so I never got back to finishing this first chapter or continuing this story. Now being a part of a D&D adventure again I have a renewed interest in starting this series up again.


Warrior X:

A corrupt cooperation lead by founder billionaire Jacob Sanders creates bio-creatures known as the “X” to start a war to take over leader ship of the world two lone scientists create quite possible the only chance the world has at surviving this invasion. This weapon is a young man named Vahn, Earths only hope of survival. Infused with X DNA he is the only force capable of combating these creatures. However evil is not far behind and after discovering the treachery of his scientists Jacob Sanders interferes…or does he? One Hundred years later young Vahn wakes up in a world vastly different from what he remembers. Not even Jacob Sanders could control the monsters he unleashed on the world, and so the Earth was infested by the “X” creatures. The last of the human race now live on the moon with the hopes of one day returning to their planet. Being asleep for over 100 years the X have had the chance to grow, evolve, and mutate far beyond their original states when they were created. Have the X won or is Vahn the human races last hope at exterminating the X once and for all. Vahn: “bring it on you ugly mother F…” *Monster howl*.

When I wrote this story I felt a very strong Anime vibe coming from it, that or a really deep sci-fi one. I only wrote one full chapter on this series, I started the second but then I went back to writing Celestial again and never really came back to continue this. This story is definitely one of the few MATURE stories I’ve written, so definitely more adult tones here. This story has an ending as well, but just cause I know how the series will end and what will happen at the end does not mean this is a short series. Quite the opposite the journey we take with Vahn and several other characters is a roller coaster from beginning to end. There is a lot of story that can be told here. This story I’ve done very little with so after the first chapter it will be fresh and new.

The first chapter takes place in the present and then as we get to the middle it shoots to a hundred years later and the Earth is in ruins. The first few chapters will be focusing on what happens now that the human race has its fighting chance back. A human infused with X DNA able to fight the creatures on a more physical level; with the evolution of the X however this fight has gotten a lot harder. There will be betrayals, twists, and things you won’t see coming. While I didn’t outline this series I do however know which characters I made trust worthy and which have…ulterior motives.

I have a huge passion for this series I always have, this was my first “mature” work. This was also my first dark writing where there’s not always a happy ending at the end of each chapter and sometimes the good guys don’t win. Some times you have to lose a few battles in order to win the over all war. Sacrifices sometimes need to be made. I’m saying this now NO ONE is safe, even the main characters. I will also say in this world Dead is DEAD…unless something is not what it seems, or is it? Fun Fact I got a lot of my inspiration and ideas from this series while listening to Linkin Park: Reanimation, which was a remix CD of all their popular songs they put out back in 2002. This story if anything is an alternate reality in the 529U because this is Earth…no one ever said 529 Studio wouldn’t have a multiverse.

As you can all see, I am VERY passionate about both of these stories. Unfortunately for now though I am only able to work on one at a time. Below will be a link to the poll to vote, I will run this til the end of July to give me some time to actually edit and fix up both stories. I haven’t touched either of these stories in years; they need some work before I can move forward with either. I do want to say though no matter which series wins the vote, something WILL be done with the other. So do not be upset if your story doesn’t win, I promise you will see it in one way or another!

Both of these stories I feel have potential to be anything from comics to shows. Who knows maybe the winning story will get a Kickstarter one day to be made into a comic or maybe the losing story will be comic scripted and put out on Kickstarter first. The future is an amazing adventure; you never know what’s going to happen next. My goal is to share as many of my stories as possible in as many ways as possible. These are just the first steps, wait to you see what’s next!

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