My Last Dream to Share

Growing up I’ve had many dreams. Some I never thought I would ever make it beyond dreams, but sometimes life surprises us all. I’ve had the privilege and honor to live out many of my dreams and to this day I’m still building on them. This site right here has been one of my biggest dreams, I never thought I would have my own website but here we are. Now life has come around again and reminded me of one last dream I had, one that was left far in the past…back in my early teen years. So I guess it’s time to dust of the old box labeled “The Falcon Corps” and see how far we can go with this final dream!

I’ve shared many dreams over the past two decades. I’ve working with animals for several years and I’ve spent an amazing decade teaching children. Two professions I went to college for, both fields I’m very passionate about to this day. I still would love to build more on my animal science knowledge maybe one day I’ll study up more on veterinary studies. Working as a teacher’s aid I loved making a difference in children’s lives. However I don’t agree with common core and I feel like a lot of decisions that are being made by the D.O.E so I left.

On the side while I worked I started making videos on youtube and became an entertainer. Years later and several channels later I’m a content creator. Not one of the most popular people on youtube, but still one that does the work to make sure the people that do follow me stay entertained. I made 2 tough goals for myself in the time when I first started my comic channel become a comic book media source and become a video game media source. Today I co-founded a comic website ( so comic book media personality checked off my list. Video games I’m still working on, streaming and doing video game reviews are a bit different from comic books so I’m still learning so…I’ll say half check here for now.

Currently I’m a comic book writer along side a man I could simply call my brother from another mother Brant, and honestly this just catapulted me back into writing in general. This was a dream I never thought possible but here we are! All that leads us all right back to here, this website. So why did I just go into all of that before talking about we are the corpse? It’s important to know where I come from and how driven I am when it comes to my dreams and sharing them with the world.

So recently AEW started broadcasting on TNT. When Brant told me about AEW I was interested, but I was so burnt out on WWE. So as he explained to me about who is running AEW and all the VP’s involved he also mentioned I should watch another show that was going to be leading into AEW’s premiere and that was “Being The Elite”. Brant’s made many amazing suggestions and recommendations to me before so I decided sure I’ll give AEW a try and heck maybe a week before I’ll watch some Being the Elite. Let me just be completely transparent here I thought being the elite was ONLY a countdown to when AEW premiered I never expected what I watched.

The show was so much more than just a promo for AEW, it was years worth of vlogging in and out of “Kayfee” (reality and fiction). A 3 man group Kenny Omega along with Nick and Matt Jackson aka the Young Bucks started this whole series and later on others joined “The Elite” group. I was hooked, I think I watch more than half of the series out there, plus NJPW/ROH matches that were connected to the episodes and watching stories with both the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega. I literally spent nights doing my homework before the first episode of AEW. Then AEW episode 1 hit and I fell in love with wrestling all over again.

When Mike and I were younger back when we’d watch WCW and would sit around and talk about how if we became wrestler what we would do to “save WCW from the NOW” and we honestly went down to detail who our characters would be, what our faction would be, and what titles we’d want to via for. Unfortunately as you all know WCW would end up being sold to WWE and we would lose the company and some wrestlers would join the WWE and others would go away.

I spent a few years watching WWE and hey Mike and I loved the return of DX and even made a youtube skit series calling ourselves the New Age DX. All those previous dreams kind of faded away because the desire to work for WWE was way lower than our desire to work in WCW. So we just went with New Age DX and the old dreams and plans just became past dreams. Fast forward again back to the beginning of AEW…all of a sudden all those dreams and that love start to fire up again. Here we are now nearly two months later and man the love for WRESTLING (not sports entertainment/acting in a ring) returned. So do I have it in me to share one last dream…and in the end I come to the conclusion YES I still have one last journey inside of me!

So what does that mean? Are we going to via to get into an actual ring and be full time wrestlers? What is “We Are The Corps”? “WHO THE HELL IS THE CORPS”?

I would LOVE, love, to say yeah this is our start to try and get some type of “in ring” thing. Reality is our ages make that a bit hard, not impossible, but HARD. Not saying we’re old, but AT our age we should already be IN some type of wrestling programming and have already been through years of training. As kids we dreamed about finding a way into a ring, what our characters would do as a tag team and solo. I think if this did happen it would be the ultimate endgame for this project, it’s just hard to see at this point. Never say never…rules I live by.

So I’m going to answer the “who” before the “what”. Who is “the corpse”? Growing up Mike and I wanted to use our first names, but we wanted to have a catchy follow up name. We decided to go with Falcon (this was BEFORE the creation of Celestial Falcon and there is NO connection). So we were Chris and Mike Falcon aka The Falcon Boyz (originally it was boyS but we changed the S to a Z after seeing other tag team names). Later on we would make up a fake stable called “The Falcon Corps” and we had a couple Fire and Ice Falcon, there was another female wrestler that was based on one of my ex’s so I will leave her name out.

So we had a whole Corps of people. We were the group that chased all the gold to prove we were the best in the industry. We would feud with the top heel group at the time. Our personas were all unique and all different. I would say Chris Falcon is always looking to get better, always looking to prove he is the best, while at the same time he could cut a hilarious off the rails promo on people he was feuding against. Unpredictable, sarcastic, brutal, and sometimes willing to go in over his head are other ways to describe him. Just because I say I’m the best and I can beat anyone, I still will take a loss learn from it and get better so next time I can win.

Something new I’m adding is a second persona which I will cut a promo on later. Like Finn Balor/the Demon Finn, Chris Jericho/The Pain Maker, Chris Falcon has a second ring name in “special” times. Chris Falcon is based off of who I am; always do the right thing, good, level headed, and have my limits. Chaotic Falcon is the darker side, a completely different persona locked away except when needed in extreme situations where things are pushed too far. Chaotic is very good at what he does, except what he does is NOT exactly very nice. Not one to cut promos more for in ring only, but if he did lord have mercy on the person he’s cutting it at!

The Falcon Boyz as brothers we grew up together so we know what each other can and can’t to. We are the BEST tag team in the world! However we haven’t been the Falcon Boyz in a LONG time, definitely lots of rust that needs to be polished out. Also don’t think we’re just going to let New Age DX just fade away…we have a plan to end that and let that lead into out Falcon Boyz return promo. Mike is definitely the dare devil in our team, he’s jumped off freakin’ ladders you think he’ll care about flying over a rope or off the top of another ladder into a person. The world tried to keep us apart for a reason, we are quite possibly dangerous enough on our own…but together, we can take over the world EASILY.

The Falcon corpse has been separated. Sadly old members will not be coming back, at least not in the near future. However that doesn’t mean we don’t have new faces wanting to jump into the Corps in one way or another. So while we’ll never be the same group, I see the newer member making us even better and stronger than we were before. You have been warned wrestling Universe.

SO now finally WHAT IS “We Are The Corps”!? We are the Corps is a new wrestling-centric series that I’m starting with several people. It will be wrestling centric, it will have a mix of Kayfee and reality (I can already read comments saying “you know wrestling is fake right” DUH). Every (or at least most) members of the Corps series will have moments on each show. It will be life, wrestling, skits, and much more! So the Corps long since thought to be forgotten has returned. The when January 2020, until then expect a bunch of promos on each of our channels which in the end I will string together and make on collaboration promo video. OH the where, the series will not be featured on any of our solo channels! The series will have its own channel (The Falcon Corps), we feel it’s best the series has its own channel. We just feel it will work best on its own channel as the main show. Ok so I hear the question; will other shows happen later on? Who knows, I’m excited to find out…are you? Once we get started I will add to the Shooting Star Universe site.

This is my last dream I wish to share with the world. How far will we go? What will come of all this? I don’t know…but I’m truly excited to find out! Look forward to promos coming soon and then the series officially will be starting at the start of 2020! The Falcon has spoken!

NOTE: we finally figured out comments and all posts will now have a comment section!!!

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