Birth of The Chaotic One

AH the Chaotic Universe…my universe. I wish I could say my origin was a happy one, sadly it’s not! All throughout my life I was invisible. I existed of course, I lived a normal life, but I was never anything more than…average. I always believe I was meant for something MORE. All my life I have experienced hurt, from watching family members I was so close to die, to friendship betrayals, abuse from lovers, and abandonment. Still through all of it I survived, at first, I just chalked it up to a shitty life. However, one day that all changed! It took only one year! My father died in my arms, I lost my family, and then the year ended with my grandmother passing away. I had finally reached rock bottom; I was at the point where I could not get any lower. It was at this moment I considered not being here anymore. Never before had I considered this, and looking back I can understand where my mind was at the time, but I don’t know if it was more out of spite because I knew people would be happy if I was gone or just because I was too much of a coward to carry threw with ending it all, in the end I never did it. THAT is when I finally learned the truth…about everything!

Now I want to preface what happened with another instance first. I have seen the multiverse, or at least a part of it. I know of a few different versions of myself. Celestial Falcon, gifted with amazing abilities and powers he became his Earths greatest protector. Silver Falcon, a vigilante who lost everything and now dedicates his life as a bounty hunter, he walks a thin line between good and evil…it’s all “just a job” to him. Chris Falcon, multi time world and tag team champion across the indie wrestling circuit, his dream is to one day be he greatest wrestler of all time. Green Ninja, the only one out of our small group that I know of that did NOT take the name Falcon. He was born with special gifts similar to Celestial Falcon, his Earth was destroying by an alpha demon, Green Ninja and his friends now reside and coexist on Celestial Falcons Earth. Then there is Neo Falcon, he is the one that is called the “key” he can see into our multiverse and tells all of our stories. I believe Neo Falcon’s Earth is the prime Earth, his is where all of ours expand out from. At first, I believe I was Neo Falcon until he and I finally saw the separation which makes me different from him. That night…

I thought it was a nightmare, something my subconscious created. A demon in the guise of the devil came to me one night at my lowest. “I will give you your family back, I will make you happy again. All you have to do is sign this contract, sign your soul to me.” In this moment I had full control of my mind and my thought, which is why I knew it was more than just a dream but I exclaimed a loud and powerful “NO”. I shrugged it off as a dream at first, however as I was on my healing journey still wishing life would go back to the way it was THIS time it came to me in a vision. The same demon making “one final offer” willing to even show me proof of its power. That is when I finally learned everything. All the bad things that happened in my life, the deaths, the cheating, the lies, those loss all of it was done by this chaos demon. “I know why you want me. It’s my light, I’m one of the strongest light bearers in the world. You only want me to join you because you know you can’t stand against me, hell itself doesn’t even stand a chance with my blood line. That’s why you tried to get my grandfather and he said no. Well, my answer was, is, and always will be no! You’ve done nothing but bring chaos into my life, every time I found peace you would destroy it in an attempt to turn me away from the light, to join you.” It would reply “do you really think your as strong as you imagine, you can not stand against hell and win. What I offer is what you truly desire, TAKE IT!” It was in that moment, just like my Celestial counterpart, I was born. “You wish to destroy me with your chaos, instead it made me stronger, and this time you went too far! NOW I finally realize who I am, what I am meant to be, a beacon in the light for those who are hurt by creatures like you! I will illuminate every dark corner in this world as I can. For YEAR’S I’ve helped so many people, never realizing…that is my purpose! That is why I was put here! Unlike the things you sent into my life, all they could do is hurt. Never! I will never sigh this paper, quiet the opposite, I’m going to warn YOU instead. Fix all that you have corrupted and one day when my time has come, I won’t come after you and make YOU pay for what you have done to me and anyone else like me!” His only reply was “who the hell do you think you are?!” My answer was short and direct, “I am the Dark Avenger…I AM CHAOTIC FALCON!” It would recoil back into the shadows knowing that it may have gone too far, and now instead of turning me…it created its worst nightmare! I would take all the chaos it brought into my life, take the name and make it mean something for good, for truth, for HOPE! I don’t have any fancy abilities, or sets of demon fighting skills. What I do have is abilities to reach out and be there for people. A super empath that has helped hundreds of people, that can help millions more. So, while my ways may not be directly punching demons in the face, it’s something just as damaging. For years I tried to use my abilities to entertain people though work online, and even my own profession to be that beacon of hope. Yet always having someTHING or someONE stand in the way. NO MORE!

I like to believe Neo, Celestial, and myself are the closest out all the multiverse. Minus Celestials powers, I’d swear we were all identical just different ways we grew up in one way or the other. This is my back story. It’s not glorious, it’s filled with a lot of hurt and pain…but for the first time ever I’m now truly hopeful for a brighter tomorrow! Welcome to the Chaotic Universe…I hope you enjoy, and survive the experience!

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