I honestly have no idea how to even begin this one. You would think after a decade and a half I’d know exactly where I’m going and that I’d have a solid idea of what I’m doing, but the fact of the matter is…I’m lost.


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Celestial Falcon #1-2 is LIVE on Kickstarter!

Celestial Falcon #1-2 is live on Kickstarter now! Don’t miss out on this amazing issues. Secrets are revealed, a hidden place is unearthed, and there is a giant shark of a problem! I can’t wait to get this issue into everyone’s hands, so if you haven’t I hope you’ll consider backing our book. Also please share this campaign, let everyone know Celestial Falcon is back!


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This week in Pokemon 8/24-28/2020

This week I continued with more Darkness Ablaze sets and did a very…strange special figure collection box opening. The first video this week may break a few hearts because of a packaging issue. This was an awesome week, Darkness Ablaze gives me such a good feeling every time I open a pack or box.


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Where Do I Go From Here…

This is the story of a man. A man who had a very unique life. He grew up on a farm when he was a young child. Then one day he moved to a different country when he was a little bit older to start a new life with his parents and siblings. He would have two families of his own, when he got older. The first would end due to a lot of bad things happening. The second would be for the rest of his life. The one constant in the mans life was his wife, her mother, and his sons. The youngest which was very close to him but needed extra care/attention, and the eldest who disliked but loved him and was more independent. He did have other children from his first family, but that is another story lost in the trials of time. This family would have a very unique dynamic, one that would weather many hard times, sad times, but also many happy times.


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Celestial Falcon Returns to Kickstarter!

I’ve been so excited to talk about this! The second issue of Celestial Falcon is about to hit Kickstarter and there is SO much I’m going to be doing for the next month. I wanted to share how we’re going to be celebrating Celestial Falcon #2 all month long on Kickstarter. Are all of you ready?! This is going to be a journey and story you are NOT going to want to miss!

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Comic Thoughts: 8/12/20

Normally I record a video review talking about all the books I’ve ready in a particular week. This past week the day I was set to record I got some really bad news in my family, but I still wanted to share my thoughts on the books. So I have the platform right here, lets do it!


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