Celestial Falcon #1-2 is LIVE on Kickstarter!

Celestial Falcon #1-2 is live on Kickstarter now! Don’t miss out on this amazing issues. Secrets are revealed, a hidden place is unearthed, and there is a giant shark of a problem! I can’t wait to get this issue into everyone’s hands, so if you haven’t I hope you’ll consider backing our book. Also please share this campaign, let everyone know Celestial Falcon is back!

If you would like to more info on Celestial Falcon or to back the campaign you can CLICK HERE.


When we reach 50 backers, ALL backers will get this digital comic: HEALED #1

At 12:06 AM, August 22nd, the world was “healed”. No more diseases. No more illnesses. After that, the only deaths were unnatural. This is what happens next.

Creative Team: George O’Connor (Writter, Lettered), Griffin Ess (Artist)

Genre: Drama, Sci Fi

Page Count: 28

Age Rating: 15+



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